Trail Camera Discussion of Manufactured Cameras.
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By michaelb
I have four trail cams and I note that the no glow ones have sharper picture with less distance at night. Is this expected or a function of the camera quality?
By picdic
black flash will never have as good of flash distance as red flash or white flash. it's the price you pay for being undetectable. I don't really care so much about black flash. I used to think it was a must. deer, for me, aren't spooked by cams at all, regardless. so the black flash is more for keeping cams undetectable from people who might be in the area in lower light times, and might see a flash. but I always go out of my way to put my cams in the most remote areas where they would see no people. for that reason, I don't worry too much anymore with black flash and prefer red flash.
I've never paid attention to the sharpness, to see how the differences may vary. I know my spypoint is black flash, and it has brutal night images and videos.
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By michaelb
I have a couple more cameras and I have to say that the "glow vs noglow" does not seem to be the factor in night video sharpness. The quality of the camera seems to be the ticket. As mentioned in other posts, the advertised resolution is suspect with some cameras using interpolation to appear better.
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