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By code1
I’m running 14 of the Spartan 3G cams and two of the newer Spartan 4G cameras right now. I’ve never had any luck getting the older 3G cameras to upload new firmware through portal. I’m running all premium service set to HD pictures with external batteries so battery level is good.

I can go to website portal click upload firmware and it never happens. I change send commands and it updates those like it should.

Any ideas..

What is the firmware that's on the camera? Does the update ever say complete in camera management or does it stay pending?
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By code1
It just stays on pending

Most are 6/25/2017 firmware

Have two old cams that are still 11/24/2015 firmware

I tired to update several times over the past 12-18 months nothing happens just pending until I clear the commands away.
Make sure the time zone is set in the app settings. Have you tried a manual update?
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By code1
I didn’t see a manual update setting on the camera menu I’ll double check later today since I’ll be out that way. Time zone settings are correct also and I cleaned out all pending commands except for the firmware update.

Really it’s not life or death these cameras have been running year around 24/7/365 for over 2-3 years now pretty much issue free other than ATT network issues time to time. Just thought the firmware may improve the camera overall maybe better pics night and day. I noticed the newest firmware models I have appear to have brighter night time flash.
To manually update the camera you need to put the update on a memory card and take it to the camera. It probably won't improve the pic quality but very possibly could help with connection issues, your firmware is pretty old on some of them.

Manual update instructions: ... e-firmware

List of updates to download:

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