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By picdic
you'd best be thinning them puppies out some.
my go-to area, it's been my best place for cams. my one set-up has been my tops, on a licking branch. every buck anywhere in that whole area would pay a visit. i'd watch them year after year, showing up in the spring, watching their antler growth all through the summer, then them get ready for the rut, shedding their velvet and fatten all up.
then, this year, hardly any deer at all on the cams. and the go-to licking branch spot, a deer, a doe, would pass by once in a blue moon. but, something I noticed this year that I never did in any others. suddenly there were coyotes routinely showing up on the cams. there has always been coyotes in the area, but it seems like they have certainly over-populated this year. it got to where, there was no point leaving my cams up there any more. no bucks showed up all year. if the snow isn't too bad this year, and I am able to get up that high(doubtful), I might have to get up there and do some dog-thinning.
By picdic
find a spot where you have the vantage point, for seeing them approach from anywhere. get set up and do rabbit squeals, etc. they won't be able to resist. they never usually show themselves during the day, but they are there.
By picdic
i just use hand held calls. I have one that's a squeaky mouse I think, and a wounded rabbit call. but there's lots of electronic ones also. no idea which is best. they usually can't resist them, but, they are smart and will watch from a distance for danger. that's why you need to be well-hidden and have a good vantage point. and a good far-shooting gun solves the issue if they won't come right in.
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