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By michaelb
Some of the trail cameras have a bright center and lesser so at the edges.
After some experimenting, I found a way to eliminate the hot spot with simple white paper.
The paper is translucent to infrared and diffuses the light.
The drawback is the camera is now more noticeable.
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By Anthony
Yes I see that but this could be by design. LEDs have different intensities and dispersion angles. If a majority of the subjects are centered then they get a bit more illumination.

I think I prefer the evenly dispersed however. Keep in mind that your solution likely reduces the overall flash rnage somewhat.

Interesting though.
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By csb
Is he talking about "Flash Burn"? If so, I had that trouble with a cam a few years back. We ended up taping off some of the leds. That took care of it.
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By michaelb
I taped off the center two rows of LEDs with no change. Tried the paper over the entire bank of LEDs and it worked for me. Taping over more LEDs may have worked but I found an acceptable solution. Thanks for your input

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