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By deer66
I bought a Ridgetec Lookout around the first of October and would like to let you know some of thoughts.
Battery life --- Engerizer Lithiums in since day 1 and they are still at 100%
I have been strictly been running in picture mode so I can't tell you anything about sending video's, it is very fast trigger and will send 3 pictures in a row if you desire . (love this option for scrapes). You will not have blank pictures and the tail end of the deer.
The camera app is great and you have all the options you would ever need and it works wonderfully .

At the beginning there was a little disappointment in the pictures but after talking with Anthony about this he went to work on trying to improve the pictures. He updated my camera about 2-3 weeks ago with a new firmware and this has made great improvments in the pictures.

Another thing that I will say is that Anthony has been very supportive in trying to improve this camera and make it even better.


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By Camoman1964
I am also really enjoying my LookOut, I have had it a couple to three weeks now and it has performed flawlessly.
By Saskboy
I'm very impressed with the night pictures since the last update, your right about Anthony always improving this camera as it keeps getting better and better. I think my single favorite thing about it is the sensitivity switch and the near zero false triggers ever since I've had one.
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By bobcat
Got any pics you can share?
First fawn

Awesome picture

The Sandhill family

Yeah lots of them here in saskatchewan as well, sa[…]


great observation:)

Marten & dead chick

Thanks:) Greetings from Warsaw, Poland Krzysztof