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By badjedi
The dominant buck on my hunting lease made it through deer season. I'm excited to see how much bigger he'll get in the fall. :D
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Here are a few videos from earlier in the season.

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By reaperman
Its nice to see a big one make it, he's a dandy. Hopefully he'll stick around for you.
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By Camoman1964
Wow!!! He is Nice!!!! Glad he made it.
By speed2spare
Awesome deer. Thank you for sharing.
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By badjedi
picdic wrote: Wed Jan 09, 2019 11:21 pm wowsers! is he pretty much nocturnal?
I have around a 100 pictures of him throughout the season and only 1 picture was of him in the daylight and that was on Oct. 1st.
Another nice PA buck

Should be another good one.

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