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By reaperman
I've know about this den for a few years but kind of forgot about it. The den is about 2' wide and 16" tall. I should have put a camera their this summer but it never crossed my mind. I was getting some consistent coyote photos early in the fall in the general area. So there's a good chance the den was used by a coyote earlier on. I had a camera in this spot about 3 years ago for a while in the winter, at that time a skunk had taken over. But every couple days a coyote would check in and even stick his body half way in the hole. I don't know if the skunk ever gave the coyote a face full or not, but I wouldn't have stuck my face down the hole. This is the first photo or sign of a coyote I've saw since mid November. Which isn't a bad problem except for my lonely coyote snares. I don't know if anything is currently using the den now, I've only had a cam there for 2 days. I noticed I forgot to set the time/date
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By speed2spare
Should make for a fun camming spot. Will be interesting to see what all checks the den out.
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By Camoman1964
That is cool. I have never found a den and keep the pics coming.
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By reaperman
There are a lot of tracks around the hole and trails around it, but mostly deer. The snow is hard and compacted now so fresh tracks aren't visible, so I rely on my camera now. I'd love to put my Ridgetec in this spot but were in for a cold spell. And I don't want to haul the car battery out there to power the camera, because I'm too big of a tightwad to cough up for lithium batteries. But mainly, I want to keep my footprint small around the hole because I set some coyote traps there today hoping they return regularly like they did a few years ago. I added some skunk scent around the hole (for some reason coyotes like that) and calling lure near the traps.
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