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Thank you all for any help in advance.
Hope you are all doing well tonight!

I was wanting to use Tenergy rechargeable batteries in my Spypoint link solar trail camera, but they will not fit.
Does anyone know if you take the wrapper off each battery if it would fit? Also will it hurt the camera if I use rechargeable batteries vs the recommended Alkaline or Lithium, that Spypoint suggests?

thank you very much
Can't say for sure about Spypoint, but I've always used rechargables in all my Brownings, my old Moultrie and all my homebrews (more than 30 cameras in all) without any problem.

Energizer, Imedion, Rayovac, Tenergy and Amazon 2400 mah (or larger) rechargable batteries all fit in the battery holders. From what I've read it sounds like all high mah rechargables made in Japan are made in the same factory, so they would probably be the same size. My Tenergy (with blue wrappers) were made in China and they fit in the battery holders as well .
Hi Woody S,
Thanks so much for the reply, I do appreciate that.
I have tried and tried, lol to get the tenergy rechargeable's in my camera, but they will flat out not fit. I would have to force them too far to even get close. I contacted Spypoint and they said they are not intended to fit, only Alkaline and or lithiums. I guess its not a big deal, but the money does add up when buying batteries over the years. I took one wrapper off, and it helped, but I think I would have to take them all off, which I just hate to do, lol. I want to see the wrapper and the type of battery I am using, etc.
All my other cams like you said, also will use Tenergy or any rechargeable battery.
Thank you Woody S.
HI there Anthony,
Hows it going, we probably spoke 10 years ago or so on here, ha ha, thanks

Well, the length is fine
You can place a AA Tenergy in there for each slot, just fine. It holds 8 x AA
You can put 7 in there perfect, but the 8th breaks the camels back. Spypoint said it is not designed for rechargeables, and that is why 8 will not fit, only 7.
They said they would have to design them to fit if they ever would.
Thanks for the help
I am sorry I meant to joke about making the tolerances on the battery compartment too tight is all.

Maybe that is by design.

I prefer that people not use rechargeable in a cellular camera because the voltages are much lower but as long as they know what the outcomes may be I guess its ok. A wireless device will need a minimum voltage usually to operate well. So by making it too tight they may have been stopping you from using them for your own good.
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