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Look at the big red deer with electric wire on his head.. unfortunately only few pics of him and fortunately this is the first time that I got a picture like this..

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Will the deer shed the antlers and grow a new set ?
Yes, and I'll look for the antlers, I hope he can shed without too many problems, probably he will lose both shed at the same time
is he blind in left eye ?
I don't think, here is another picture of him, if you look closely you can see the other eye
IMAG1062.JPG (1.61 MiB) Viewed 966 times
Those night pics are great! :D The color night videos are neat too but, the static noise is bothersome.
Nice photos. The wire looks like the single wire that is used to contain livestock. It's poly with strands of stainless steel which give it strength and carry the electrical charge. It's hooked to a box that is powered by either a battery (or mains power ). I've never seen an animal get this wrapped up in it.
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That's a very pretty bird.

Whats going to use the den?

That should be a good set, but you never know.