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I like their flat, beaver style tail. I put food out to try and attract one also, but so far just birds. It shouldn't be too long before one comes by. I saw two of them sail thru the air a couple weeks ago, so their around.
Its raining now and even though birds found the seeds its grey and not well lit. when it brightens back up I will post some bird clips for identification by the experts.

No more DoeDoe birds since raising platform to 6 feet :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
In order to stop the opossum from climbing the tree and eating ll my birdseed I placed flashing around the bottom of the tree. for a couple of nights I monitored the flashing to verify it was deterring Mr. Possum.

It did work but also stops the flying squirrel.

I saw a slightly blurry video (it had rained) and couldn't tell what it was so I requested it. Here is what I got:

Aint nothing you can do about it..
My guess is he made it. He is lightening fast, and owls are their arch enemy regardless.
I accidentally killed one myself awhile back by hanging up a minnow trap in a tree, to dry, and keep it off the ground, next morning i looked at it, and one had crawled in and musta froze to death cuz he couldn't get out.
I felt bad, but nature is tough and resilient.
its quite amazing to watch the drama that unfolds in the woods at night that otherwise goes totally unseen.
They both just out trying to make a livin...
Well, with this camera being in the same area as the bird watcher camera, I feel confident the little squirrel in this clip is the same one. I can now rest at night. :mrgreen:

I do believe he survived the owl attack. :shock:

I wonder though... is peanut butter like meth to a flying squirrel? :lol:

A coyote sniffed by so he is the opening act:

I put out a little more peanut butter a couple nights ago and got things stirred up a bit. Everything loves peanut butter.
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:lol: he gets an A for effort though.