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By Anthony
I got this idea, after I purchased some neodymium magnets for a speaker building project I had, to use magnets as a way to place removable foliage on my camlockbox to make it less obvious in the woods.

We have a store called hobby lobby and they have tons of foliage for flower arranging and wreath making.

I bought some moss looking stuff that is kinda green but I can spray a touch of brown on to make it blend easily.

The stems have a wire frame in them but the tips are all plastic. I grabbed several strands for left side and several for right side and sort of intertwined to end tips like a mesh.

I placed a magnet on my table and put hot glue all around the top surface then pressed the foliage stems onto the hot glue and added more while blowing to cool it off. I held pressure for a couple of minutes until it was dry enough to hold.

I then peeled it off the table and stuck it to the top of the camlockbox.

Then I grabbed the stems the tended to get in front of the camera and pulled them to the side and hot glued them to side foliage.

I liked the results plus I can put on and remove or have different ones for different seasons.
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By Anthony
I still need to do a little work with a couple more magnets to keep the lower ends of the greenery from blowing in front of PIR and lens. But this is what I was looking for.

I will get this on a tree after it stops raining to see what it looks like and do some spray touch ups with brown.
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By Anthony
pinching the foliage in towards the bottom I can add two more small magnets to hold it in place.
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By speed2spare
I believe that will help hide it from a considerable distance. But say 50 yards and in. It’s extremely difficult to hide a big lump where it doesn’t belong. Even camouflaged like this, you typically still get a clump or lump thst is out of place and draws the eye in. This is my experience anyway. I assume you are trying to hide it from people and not the animals.
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By Woody S
The fake foliage would be really good in a suitable place. I camo my CamLock boxes with construction adhesive and camo paints just as I do my homebrews -- here are photos of one on a tree. From straight-on it's pretty well hidden, but from the side that rectangle sticks out like a sore thumb. No camo hides them from mammals, I want mine hidden from people as much as they can be hidden.
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By Mauri740
Nice job! When I get in place my cams, never use a straight and regular tree, but I 'm looking for a very "disordered" tree with more trunks where the cam can be hidden better.
This is my last Browning camouflage.
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By Hunter465
Thanks for the tips. This gives me some good ideas next time I need to hide one. I've always had the best luck using vegetation near where I mount them since it looks more natural.
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By Anthony
Ok first stab using only what I had done the other day. I have lots more greenery and of course this is right out in the forest without any surrounding greenery.

also a view from the camera - no "weeds" visible.
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