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By mikeinkaty
Someone refresh my brain!

Getting pics back from my spartan cam using the Spartan app on my iPhone. Pics are coming in in less than 1 minute. All is good there. But those coming in by SMS messages are being delayed sometimes up to 30 minutes or don’t come in at all.

What would explain this? I rarely use the Spartan App.

Mike Taylor. At my place in Oklahoma
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By johnnydeerhunter
The texting delay is usually carrier related, busy network or the carrier prioritizing messages.
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By mikeinkaty
I figured it out. Very poor cell service out here. The one coming to the Spartan app would get here first and take a long time to download. By then the SMS version would time out then cell service would drop. The wait for cell service was indefinite. Not the cams fault at all.
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By mikeinkaty
Couple of weeks ago I changed out the halfwave antenna on my spartan to one of my Yagi antennas. Cell signal is now steady at a 3 for connection strength. No problems since. The tower I’m using is about 5 miles west. I noticed they were erecting a new tower there. Steel tower instead of a guyed tower. Taller too. Hope they put a east facing beam on it.
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