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By Mauri740
Some holes on the plastic case, with a bite he opened the door and damaged the gasket.
The external battery case has bitten and damaged, also power cable was destroyed.
Cam was found about 20 meters away
It could have been much worse.
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By Woody S
That wolf must have aspirations to be a bear. That's why all my Browning cameras are in steel boxes, some in CamLock and some in modified Square D electrical boxes; and all my homebrews are also in modified electrical boxes. BUT, a bear somehow got the padlock off a CamLockbox and removed the front cover -- fortunately the Strike Force Elite camera was held in the box by the Python cable and was undamaged except for a dent in the Fresnel lens; the box front was bent but not beyond repair.
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By dbaxter
Sorry about your cam but, that was cool video! :shock:
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