This is the place to share all the cool pictures & movies you get from your trail cameras. In other words, if it's not a picture or movie related to a camera problem, it goes here. If it is a picture or movie related to a camera problem, please post it in the appropriate manufacturer forum.
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By csb
Saw Red Wing Blackbirds over the weekend. A lot of standing water around and they are calling for up to 1" of rain by Fri. AM.. Temps. from the 40's into the low 60's on Thurs.. Your right Fred, its not over yet!!
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By Anthony
77F here now. everything is totally yellow with pollen which I believe is pine pollen. I was out side messing with cameras a lot yesterday and my eyes were stinging like crazy. I couldn't sleep and had to get into shower and let hot water hit my face and I scrubbed my eyes with soap.

It helped plus benedryl.
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