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By Saskboy
I'm running both of my lookouts off of the same 12v battery at the moment, still showing 100% life but I'm curious how low the voltage has to be to drop off the 100% reading? Is it possible for future firmware to provide a true voltage reading? It's good info to have when running lead acid batteries without a solar panel, especially in the cold climates when risk of battery freezing/ swelling damage can happen. I'm running my old junky agm skidoo battery at the moment and I'm impressed with the low battery consumption the lookout's have been using so far, but I dont want to overly discharge my battery either and ruin it anymore than it already is lol.
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By reaperman
I ran mine off a old car battery all winter, the meter always showed 100%. I periodically checked it with a voltmeter and it always showed over 12 volts. Impressive because this winter was nasty cold and the battery wasn’t worthy of being in a vehicle.
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By Anthony
The battery reading is based on the voltage under load. I have repeatedly asked for a voltage reading be sent to server with heartbeat but do not have it yet.

What complicated matters is that different battery types will have different voltages at different times in their life cycle. In order to truly know "anything" about battery life you must take into account battery type as well, including amp hour.

I do agree it would be nice to have more reliance on the battery level and not truck along then in one day it go from full to 75, 50 ,25 in a period of 12 - 24 hours which can happen on Lithium batteries.

Its a complicated function of battery type, voltage, amp hour.
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By Anthony
Use a solar charge controller with a disconnect voltage and a reconnect voltage. for a sealed Lead acid, set the disconnect voltage around 10.8V. This will keep you from drawing it down too low to damage it. the camera can accept as low as 9V and still run on the external battery port.

When the controller disconnects the battery, the camera will be gin to run on internal batteries at that point. If you have a solar panel, once it charges your battery back up to say 11.5V it will kick the external back on and your camera will begin to tun off external again.

The reconnect voltage setting allows you to set a voltage and allow the battery to charge up some before using it again which is nice.

I can send you some controllers and solar panels if you want to build a solar power station which I am gearing up to sell now any way.
By Saskboy
Sounds cool, what size of panel are you going to use? I have a 20 watt panel but haven't mounted anything yet.
By Saskboy
I'm sure 10 watts is more than enough, my 20 watt is overkill but good in the winter months I'm thinking. I do want to eventually do a solar set up this summer on both cameras, mount battery inside a steel ammo box with charge controller inside safe from the elements I was thinking. Steel vs plastic incase something catches fire internally and i wont burn down the country side lol.
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By Camoman1964
Anthony where are you getting the battery controller you are talking about in the previous post. It would be great to have a battery auto disconnect if voltage fell to low and run on internal batteries until it charges external back up....That would make the external option pretty nice.
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By Camoman1964
Yes Anthony I would. These lithium batteries are getting expensive.. lol.... I am going solar and sla here pretty quick., Let me know how to pay you or what I need to do to get one. Are they waterproof?
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By Camoman1964
Yes I would be interested. What capacity battery and wattage of solar panel. Do you have a picture of one completed?
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By Anthony
I worked so late last night I didn't get to your photos.
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