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By Anthony
We had a booth this year in the shot show. We had a very good turn out and met with lots of great dealers and reps.

I had strong interest from European countries as well. While at the show I was contacted by the BBC, and asked if I can provide them with a large number of cameras for filming on Tanzania. I know its a wildlife project to last for the whole of 2019 but they would not comment more than this as is their standard policy.
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By Anthony
In the photo, is my business partner, Chase Wendorff, who primarily handles distribution in Canada.

I flew back in last night, tired but very optimistic about the future and all the great feedback we received.

when I had a chance, I walked around and visited many of the vendors as a "regular" guy not an exhibitor. There are so many cool products for guns and accessories, you can't even imagine it.

I even stopped by the Garret booth (I like metal detecting as well) and checked out their new stuff. Minelab was also represented.

I can't even begin to describe the technologies there from clothing, electronics, shooting aids, add-on peices and parts for hand guns and rifles, high end ammo from countries all over the world. All the weapons manufacturers had all their new stuff there. You know the names. In optics was Bushnell, Vortex and many more. We are next to the Vortex booth which was half the size of a football field. I can't even guess at the $$ spent on that! :shock:

I ran into a super nice guy from Israel who makes and sell ammo. His partner was a nice looking female, who is a major in their army and though pleasing to the eye would probably know 18 ways to break your neck in under 10 seconds .... :mrgreen:
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By reaperman
Sounds like a successful and enjoyable show, I hope it brings many rewards
By Matches
Curious about the Verizon Lookouts... How long before they are available to purchase?
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By Anthony
I am hoping before July. We have had some planned technology changes in the unit to improve it overall. I will explain when its released. there are some major enhancements. As a result our certification has been set back but this was necessary

Please bear with us..
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