Trail Camera Discussion of Manufactured Cameras.
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By bomar97
So money is tight.. we have a couple trail cams that we're not totally happy with. One seems to work flawlessly while the other two may or may not work... tend to eat batteries.. and stop taking photos even before the batteries are down to one bar. All 3 are Bushnell and had something like a 2 year warranty plus 1 year extra deal at the time. Had to send a few back for repair in the beginning.. they are over 5 years old now.

Looking at the tasco... would be a first "low glow" for us. And $28 is affordable.

Has anyone tried this one with success? The Bushnell don't take very bright night shots.. and blur easily - day or night. I think they are 10 mp though.

Also, when they say 6 month battery life, do they mean alkaline or lithium?

This is the Bushnell we have..
Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 9.32.46 PM.png
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By picdic
I loved my little tasco. it was old and used when I got it, but that thing was a little beast. it was the only cam of mine that I would put out raw, without a lockbox.(mainly because I got it so cheap I never cared too much) and that thing survived a couple good bear attacks with barely a scratch. it took surprisingly darn good pics, both day and night. much better than some of the results I have seen from the brand new tascos. but it finally gave up the ghost at the end of this last season. probably my fault even, as I left it out all winter, in low -20s C weather. I think that was finally too much for it, compounded with my abuse of it. I loved how teeny it was as well.
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By bomar97
I know the quality changes over years. I don't know when this 8MP came out but it's still selling so it can't be old.

Our very first trail cam was a Cuddeback .. in around 2005 .. flash.. that thing lasted forever and was the most expensive camera we ever bought. I tried one later that cost about 1/2 the price, but still expensive.. Leaf River.. that was ok.. Stealth were ok.. Wild Game failed big time.. and now the Bushnell which is hit or miss.

I'd guess for the price, it's worth trying the Tasco. We took pictures from the Cuddeback and framed them, but never had any great pictures from any other cam that were frame worthy. Sure do miss the color night shots!
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By Ol Arky
I got one to try here at home a month or so ago and got another a couple of weeks ago... They both satisfy me both day and night picture... I might get several more to replace my aging Covert's if they ever die... The old Red60, Code Black and MP6 Blacks are all still working as of a few weeks ago but there all 4 or 5 years old...
I don't think you will find a better camera for $28.... Plus if I order them online and use my WalMart credit card I get 3% off which ain't much for one but does add up if you buy several...
But don't think it's really a low glow since it's nearly as bright as my Red60...
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By bomar97
Picked one up and am very happy with it. It actually is doing better than the Bushnells we have.

I saw a great deal on Stealth QS12FX which is a 12 MP camera.. 2 for $69 .. was only for a weekend.. I couldn't find any info on them so I didn't buy them. The last Stealth we had was white flash. I probably should have picked them up for the price..
Too late now.
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