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By reaperman
This great horned owl took the pocket gopher I was using as bait in my den setup. Unfortunately the camera hadn't switched itself to the video command yet that I gave it earlier that evening. The command takes place after the next cameras function or heartbeat. In this case the below photo was the next function and then a video would follow. I have a few more gopher traps out so hopefully the owl will come back.
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By Anthony
Thats cool. I want to get more birds of prey on camera too but its only a very rare thing for me. On the internet they warn against feeding these birds. But an occasional morsel for the camera is probably safe.
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By reaperman
Owls are pretty common here but with any owl they are heard way more often than actually seen. Although in mid January, the coldest part of the winter, they begin their breeding ritual by staking out their territory. The wetland in my backyard must be in high demand. Because I can hear them hooting late in the night and often see 3 or 4 of them high in the trees in my yard in the early morning. Other than that if I see one its basically a accident
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