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By Anthony
I am just curious as I never buy these Lithium batteries but if left in the camera for a long period of time will they leak like Alkaline does? if so, what comes out? Does it damage metal?

I am not referring to rechargeable batteries.
I have used lithium energizers for yrs in my cameras and other electronic devises and never had a leak . It states on the package "guaranteed not to leak ". :D
Good. thats what I wanted to know. so for people deploying cameras with our Ridgetec Solar Power Pack, I am going to recommend using Lithium batteries in the camera. My worry is a result of my experience. All my cameras with the solar panel never go dead and I keep forgetting about Alkaline batteries in them.

Since I never have to visit the camera, its easy to forget those batteries then some months later you have a big issue when the alkaline oozes out and corrodes the battery springs.

... battery damage not really a warranty issue.
Clarification: With the Ridgetec Lookout, the internal batteries are never ran in parallel with the external battery/solar thus they are not "charged".

My question here is about longevity in the field. The internal batteries are there as a backup when/if your external battery goes dead.
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