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By Anthony
I am getting what appears to be two types of foxes here. What species are these ?

There is this one I normally don't see. He is shorter and smaller with a shorter snout I believe.

then there is this one who is my regular around here:
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By reaperman
To me the top video looks like its probably a grey fox. In the fall they have a definite dark colored strip running along the top of the backbone to the tip of the tail. Which is easily seen with a IR trail camera at night. I see a bit of a dark strip on the top of the tail. Plus a nose on a grey is a bit shorter then the nose on a red.
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By Woody S
Agreed, the first is a gray fox the second a red fox. Grays are more of a woodland species, reds are more often found in open country with woodlots and fencerows. Grays can climb trees with semi-retractable claws and rear legs that can pivot to allow them to descend trees. We have both species here, but I get grays on camera more often.
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By Woody S
The one in the day video is definitely a red fox. The one in the night video is probably a gray, but the legs look a bit long and I don't see the black stripe on the dorsal side of the tail so I wouldn't bet on it.
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By Woody S
In my IR videos (from Browning cameras) the black stripe on the gray fox's tail shows up well, so does the black on the red fox's front legs -- the animal in this video shows neither. It might be the difference between Browning and Ridgetec. From the length of the legs and the way it carries its tail I'd call it a red fox.

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