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By Anthony
I got another coyote carrying something. This time I am sure its not a fawn but what is this? The legs look paddle like.

I believe we are seeing the underside of the "prey". Could it be a baby coyote and its actually not dead or prey? any other kid of baby? I have raccoons, opossum ...

I think I am going with baby opossum.
Definately a fawn, look at the ears and head structure. The fawn is very small, they must breed later down south than up here in the north land.
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Found this one in the lease a week or so ago...They sure are pretty.....
Found this on a week or so ago in lease.
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That's one reason I kill every coyote that I can in our hunting area....
"That's one reason I kill every coyote that I can in our hunting area...."
Roughly 50% of all fawns die in their first six months of life. Predation, cars, mowers, disease, starvation, weather -- something's going to kill them. There have been a lot of efforts to increase deer numbers by reducing predator numbers -- it doesn't work. Reduce fawn mortality from one cause and something else will get them, it's call compensatory mortality -- 50% will die in their first six months.
I agree but I'm working on saving those 50% that do survive... It's a given that predators pray on the weak and injured but after that option is of the table so to speak, the food chain changes...
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