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By Darryle
Anthony I received your reply.

Going thru the log file I was able to figure out that the sim card is either bad or the camera is just not reading it.

We run several Evo's and the Link-S and have had good results, this is really disappointing.
By Darryle
I have tried removing and replacing close to a dozen times.

Their CS is almost non-existent, thru the app or on the phone, unless you want to upgrade to a top of the line model, they are all ears.
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By Gforce
It really don't mater how cheap the Spypoint's are if they are junk, they are junk to stay away from. My experience with Spypoint is you get less that what you pay for with a whole lot of frustration and little to no support.

So that's my 2 cents on the subject! :mrgreen:
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By bowmanmt
I bought 2 of the micro link, Verizon . So far I really like it, great nightime pics, daytime sort of has a heave green feel to it. I bought it for $106 OTD from academy sports. Now if I can learn how to share my pics that would be great.
By Paulsvolks75
Hey guys,
New to this forum. I found it by searching spypoint micro issues. After buying my camera yesterday and trying for 4 hours and not being able to get camera to link to app I decided to check the sim card number to the number that I scanned with my phone. IT WAS DIFFERENT!!!
after manually putting in the sim card number it linked up in just seconds. Thought this might help,I'm sure others are having this issue.
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By snakelk
I've never owned a Spypoint camera, nor have I owned a cellular cam, but for $99 I took my chances on one of these Spypoint Micro Verizon units. So far it's been working perfectly and I've had no issues. I know, that's not saying much since I haven't even had it running for a month.

This is the smallest trail camera I've ever had. Set up was super easy. The pictures are not the greatest, but for the price point, I'm not complaining. I installed cheap Kirkland Alkaline batteries to trial the cam at home in the backyard. It's taken 577 pics, day and night, and battery level is reading 71%. Should do better with lithium cells.

One thing I liked about Spypoint compared to other cellular cams is the option to just go with the "free" option of 100 pics a month. Yes, that's not many, but at least you could use it and get some pictures transmitted without a monthly fee. The monthly fees for more pictures are relatively reasonable as well.

Now to fabricate a security box for it, and maybe buy a 12 V auxiliary battery and cable.
By Disappointed
I recently bought a spypoint cam because I didn’t hear anything bad about them. When I got it I had fallowed the steps to activate it and to set it up. For some reason I can’t get it to take any pics at home and when I went out to my hunting spot the camera couldn’t connect to the cell tower. Does anybody have any ideas on how to get it to work properly? Do I need to buy the antenna boost?
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By snakelk
I'm definitely not a Spypoint fanboy as this is my first camera from that company. I'm just always on the lookout for a decent value, and $100 for a cellular camera was worth a shot for me.

Unlike some who've posted on here, my camera has been working since day 1. I just finished my one month of free unlimited photo transmissions, with the camera in my back yard (I typically test cameras before putting out in the woods).

I used cheap Kirkland alkaline cells, a 32GB Sandisk Ultra micro SD card, and did perform a firmware update prior to setting out the camera (I also confirmed the firmware was up to date according to the Spypoint website). Verizon cell signal in my backyard is typically 4-5 bars.

The camera transmitted 1110 pictures, day and night for the 30 days. Battery level read 58%.

The pictures definitely are not the best quality, however they are acceptable to me. The day pics are oversaturated, especially noticeable in the red spectrum. Night pics are better than I thought they'd be for a camera with only a few IR bulbs.

On another note, I'm less than satisfied with Spypoint customer service. Yes, I did read the many complaints about this, and so far it is true. The reason I've contacted (or tried to contact) them is for a question about their so-called "referral" program. I did indeed "refer" a friend, who then purchased and activated a camera (his has been working normally as well). We both followed Spypoint's instructions on the referral, yet neither of us have received our "code" for either a free month of unlimited transmissions, or $50 or $100 rebate on another purchase. If they would indeed honor their referral program, I would have another Spypoint Micro for $50.

At this point I'm less than confident with Spypoint customer service, and likely would never buy another Spypoint product. Hopefully they'll make it right with the referral discount code. I wonder if anyone else successfully received the rebate code for making a referral?
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By DoubleDropTine
I think that would still make your cam a $100 not $50.
I would like to add another one. Right now I am having bad luck with getting blank pics running my batteries down. Does anyone know if I can get a solar panel that hooks directly to the camera instead of having a separate battery pack?
By Yooperguy78
I bought a spypoint micro a little over a month ago and am looking for another 2 to buy. Well the place I bought the first one from is out of stock (they were $30 cheaper than elsewhere). I found other sites I'd order from but I need at&t and these dont say specifically at&t they say Verizon or Nation wide (USA). Is the nation wide (USA) the same as at&t or should i wait for one that says at&t???
I'd appreciate any help, thanks...
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By snakelk
DoubleDropTine wrote: Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:00 am I think that would still make your cam a $100 not $50.
I would like to add another one. Right now I am having bad luck with getting blank pics running my batteries down. Does anyone know if I can get a solar panel that hooks directly to the camera instead of having a separate battery pack?
I paid $100 for the camera. According to Spypoint's referral program description, after I activation of that camera I should be emailed a code for $50 off. $100-$50 = $50. I've activated my second camera and have two Spypoint cellulars showing on my Spypoint account. Have yet to receive any referral incentive as stated. We followed the instructions exactly too:

Refer a friend !
You have a SPYPOINT account and you know someone interested in buying a SPYPOINT LINK camera? Fill out the short reference form at the bottom of the page.

If the person you referred activates a camera and references your SPYPOINT account during activation, you could save big money!

You could both benefit from:
Either :
one month of free unlimited photo transfer
a $ 50 mail-in rebate on the purchase of an additional SPYPOINT LINK-MICRO or LINK-WM camera
a $ 100 mail-in rebate on the purchase of an additional SPYPOINT LINK-S, LINK-EVO, LINK-DARK or LINK-W camera.

Opportunities for referral benefits are unlimited - you can refer as many friends as you want.

What the person you referred needs to do :
Buy a SPYPOINT LINK camera;
During activation process of their camera, when asked who has referred them, indicate the email address associated with your account. Make sure they know your account email.

Watch your email;
Select one of the two promo codes received in your email (valid for 90 days).

The first code will allow you to immediately obtain one month of unlimited photo transfer, available on the ACCOUNT page of your SPYPOINT mobile app.
The second code will be available after the purchase of an additional camera on the activation page of your SPYPOINT mobile app. This will provide you a mail-in rebate of up to $100. Once your code is entered, you will receive your rebate payment within 90 days.

Your friend will receive the same offer, allowing them the opportunity to select their own rewards.

Refer and save!

I have referred, but have not "saved." Trying to contact Spypoint and get an answer has proved fruitless so far. My impression is they have no intention of honoring this. Has anyone else got tried and got this to work?
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By DoubleDropTine
Does anyone know if there is a better camera between the two Verizon and nationwide? I have one nationwide and want another but sporting goods store offering discount only has Verizon left.
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