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By Anthony
I find now that I have all my Lookout cameras running with External Power Pack with Solar, I am spoiled by never having to go replace the AA batteries. I wake up each day expecting a 100% battery level.

Well my Bird Watching camera gets constant activity all day long even with a 2 min Quiet Time. add to that the fact that I am running in 1080p Video mode and request 6 to 8 video clips per day. I get probably 50 to 75 video clips taken and photo uploaded per day.

After a couple months and my abuse I found that I had a 50% battery level. My battery is a 7AH SLA.

I have the system running on the Ridgetec SLA Power Pack with 10 Watt solar panel (12"x14").

Today, I fashioned a Y-Cable adapter and placed a second solar panel nearby running to my Power Pack.

Within 3 hours my camera was reporting 100% battery. :shock:

The issue here is I get no full sun. Now that leaves are out in a dense hardwood forest the solar panel works but not as efficiently as during early spring or winter. Face it.... its mostly shade.

We will soon be shipping the new Solar Power Pack with its modular cabling system. I will likely add the Y-Adapter cable in for people who want to add a second panel. I can create a kit with a Panel, Bracket and Y-cable.

Only a geek like me can get excited over adding a second solar panel and watching my battery climb to 100%. :D
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By WoodsWatcher
Making more sense to go solar these days. In fact I'm reluctant to buy a new cam that doesn't at least have the option to attach a panel to it. Especially if doing videos or cellular- where you want to leave it be and not have to mess with it!
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By Camoman1964
Image Here is my latest project it is a 10 watt panel charging three 18650 3500mah cells with a Chinese mppt charge controller, been working fine for weeks 100 pics a night and always 100% battery life so far. gets partial sun at times. don't know why the pic is sideways also have the external antenna hooked up an always at least 50% and higher signal. so far so good.
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By Anthony
Camoman1964 wrote: Fri Jun 21, 2019 8:36 am Image don't know why the pic is sideways
If you had purchased the "Ridgetec Solar Power Pack" then the photo would show correctly.... :mrgreen:

I am glad its working for you. with several hours of sun each day your set up should be perpetual. where I run into issues is in shade with almost no direct sun. Going from 10 watts to 20 seems to make all the difference.
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By Anthony
This fall Ridgetec will also sell a 10 amp hour Lithium Ion Solar battery pack. It will attach (bolt on) under the solar panel. we will sell additional Li-Ion packs as well as chargers. The battery packs will use LiFePO4 chemistry. The battery pack will be similar in size to the camera and inside will be both solar controller (built-in) and a cavity for the 10AH li-ion cell pack.
By Saskboy
This is exactly why I went with a 20w panel, never regret going too big as it will always keep up, especially when camera takes a ton of videos some days.
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