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By Buckjunkie
I've never owned a Browning, but have heard good things about them.
I see they have many models out now.
Which cam would you recommend for pics and which for video?
By zaj56
I researched this also...and ended up getting the Recon force extreme. Great pics and videos.
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By dbaxter
For video I would recommend the Spec-Ops Advantage.
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By Buckjunkie
Thanks guys. So many models online it's over whelming
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By Buckjunkie
Had some reward points and picked up a Recon Force Extreme for $90. Ready to put it to the test.
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By Buckjunkie
Also ordered a special ops advantage. Ready to see some videos.
By tracker12
I have to Browning and except for the battery box sticking I have liked them. Was looking for a couple more and am just confused with all the choices. I usually just take picks but am starting to use video more. Thinks I am just going to go with the best deal.
By red sled
I've used mostly Bushnells and Reconyx but the Reconyx are pricey although they take great videos. I bought about a dozen Browning Recon force extreme and spec ops extreme last fall/winter and they are ok, don't seem to be as fast trigger on video as advertised. One takes out of focus pics and video, I returned it to the company under warranty and they sent it back and said " we find nothing wrong, picture and video quality are consistent with a camera in this price range". That's the last Browning I will buy. Good luck with yours.
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By Woody S
One of my Special Ops Platinums had an issue so I sent it back to Browning. Just like red sled's it came back with the notation that there was nothing wrong with it; I put it back out and it was just fine. Did they fix it, was I seeing things before it was sent back, did the bouncing around in transit do something? I'll never know, but it's been fine ever since it's been back (about two years).
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By reaperman
Id give my browning strike force pro a score of 70/100. The photos are only decent, motion blur is common at night, and the file size for videos are stupid big for the sub par quality.
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By OutdoorBob
I am gonna go right along with the answers that most have already given. To me there is little to no difference between the Recon Force Extreme or the Spec Ops Extreme, except in the night videos as someone else above noted. The Recon Force edges out the Spec Ops here but there is still little to no difference. I have several of those two cameras that I run in the woods year around. I might also note that I do not do photos, opting for videos instead, and use nothing smaller than 128GB SD cards as due to leaving them out so much. If you want to see some videos, just check out my Youtube channel here ... vKmFsIhj8A. I use nothing but Browning cameras. I have 1 Strike Force Pro HD, and I just don't care for it much, as it distorts colors, although it has a better flash for night videos.

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