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By red sled
Strolling through Walmart today and I noticed the price of the 12-pack of Lithium AA cells has jumped from $14.94 to 16.97. Ouch. I use rechargeables in 90% of my cameras but I have a few Bushnell E3 cams who start taking one second videos when the voltage drops after a week or two on an active trail or scrape. These cameras perform much better and longer with Lithiums.

If anyone finds a good deal on Lithium AA cells please post it here.
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By WoodsWatcher
Amazon currently has them at $14.98 for 12. I've bought them in bulk before thru them- think it was a box of 48, but had back luck-- regular Energizer's would have lasted as long. It was from some vendor selling via Amazon- package wasn't even labeled. I'm sure there's some reputable ones on there though..or the "battery stores" etc online that sell them in bulk.

Also on Amazon are these: ... B07MTWKPGP
My experience is they are not nearly as good as Energizer lithiums when doing video but much better than regular AA's. I use them in my cams I have set for just pictures.

Have yet to try these: ... 76MNQ16C/

BTW..links should not be affiliate links. I took out the last half of the urls-not even sure if leaving that in would make them affiliate ones. I get annoyed myself when people post such links :roll:
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By WoodsWatcher
One last post..I swear. Amazon has their 24 pack for $29.78, with an additional $2 off if you choose subscribe and save- coupon is only good for the first shipment. . Makes it about 10 cents cheaper per battery compared to the 12 pack. If you've never used that service you can cancel anytime or choose next shipment up to 6 months away. ... B01C4PP8FK

And it goes w/out saying... always test each battery once you've ordered from anywhere. I failed to do that with the "bulk" one I ordered some time ago. May not mean they'll last like they're supposed to but if the battery is already weak or dead...
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By WoodsWatcher
red sled wrote: Wed Jul 10, 2019 9:37 am
WoodsWatcher wrote: Tue Jul 09, 2019 12:30 am Sam's Club has 'em for $21.98 for a pack of 18.

I may try Duracell's Procell for just pictures.
Thanks for the research. That's a great price but don't ya have to be a member ?
It looks like it. If you know of someone that is they could get it for you or you could go along and shop with them.
Awhile back there was another $2 off if you were a "Plus" member. I'm not a member but have a friend who is.
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By WoodsWatcher
Hope this doesn't irritate you but just got a text from FF- 10% off code(AMAZING10) for entire online purchase when you choose store pickup. Ends tomorrow.

Edit: I see the discount/code is mentioned on the website as well.

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