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I have my Dual running as a drive way monitor. This camera is running on Verizon and gets 70% signal at 4G LTE.

A doe walked past this morning and I noticed the times on the photos. The camera has zero quiet time and Wireless Mode is Instant.

This means the camera got a PIR motion, wakes up, snaps photo, saves to sd card, gets online, sends the photo to the server, goes back to sleep, repeat 3 times in a row.

Each photo was delivered 10s apart. I have seen it faster but not at my house and not on AT&T.

Of course I could get more photos by running Wireless Mode = Schedule with Schedule interval at 5m (near real time) this would not only give me more events in the same time period but save battery.

My point was that I believe for a security or trail application, with good signal, The Dual and Verizon can give you fast results.

The results could be too fast if this was mounted on a small tree and a wind storm came up. You could get a lot of photos with Quiet time set to 0. This one is on a camera stand so it does not move which is good.
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