Use this forum to display your favorite kill shots no matter what the prey might be. Add before and after photos of the animal off your scouting camera or bow cam, etc. if you have them and please tell us about your successful hunt. Vendor & pro staff kill shots "featuring" products need to go in the vendor forum. Thanks! :-)
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By cwensk
The last weekend of Mo muzzleloader season of 2018, My girlfriend and I went out to the farm to hunt. I had killed a buck opening weekend with my muzzleloader so I was crossbow hunting.
It was a evening hunt and forecast was calling for rain later on in the evening.
I put her in my 2 man stand and went to a loc-on I had setup on the Highline.
She had a bunch of turkeys go by her and they started roosting between her and I as it got closer to dusk. We were about 200 yds apart. She text me at 5pm that it was getting too dark for her to see in the woods and she was going to climb down. I thought, man, its just now the perfect time for deer to move. As I was texting her back I heard her bleat like a doe, followed by a blast. I hurried down the tree and went down to where she was. She was out of the stand and looking for blood. She said she knew she had hit him because she saw him kick up. We found him appx 35 yds on the other side of the high line.
As I was dragging him out it started to rain. She put the whammy on him! A perfect heart shot at 70yds!
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By reaperman
It’s nice to have a girlfriend who understands hunting. You better treat this one good! Congrats to her.
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By Ol Arky
Nice buck...

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