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We have reduced the points cost for uploading video Clips and Original SD card photos. when we release the Pooled Plans in August, the cost will be more reduced overall for the tier and for running multiple cameras.

Here is the updated pricing:
Saskboy wrote: Tue Jul 23, 2019 9:46 am If I switch over to the new add a camera plan in the middle of a billing period will it be prorated or will I have to wait till my billing period ends and then switch over?
I select a pool tier at the time of conversion that matches the sum total of your individual plans. You immediately get the benefit of the better cost per point. all outstanding/remaining points are migrated to the pool and all Points reserves are combined into the Pool as well. Its as fair as I can make it. Then on your renewal you can switch to a different tier and activate or suspend camera sims, etc.
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