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By Saskboy
This guy heard my camper was for sale and decided to check it out.

Momma and a fresh one.

Pair of owls

Night owl
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By reaperman
I love your little cabin, did you build it?
By Saskboy
Yeah me and my dad built it, I'm extremely slow finishing it however. Mounting cupboards in it currently, need baseboards, carpet in the loft and a railing in the loft. Otherwise it's done basically. Have power, satellite tv, fridge, water cooler. Fully insulated 2x6 walls and floor, wood stove and a in wall forced air electric heater as a back up heat. Really roughing it when I'm there.....
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By reaperman
How far do you live from the cabin? The moose was almost close enough to bump into your camera and knock it strait again :D
By Saskboy
I'm a hair over an hour away, but its located near our family farm. I go out there most weekends during the summer, not as much in the winter.
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By reaperman
Wow, that's a lot of animal

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