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By Darryle
Anthony I received your reply.

Going thru the log file I was able to figure out that the sim card is either bad or the camera is just not reading it.

We run several Evo's and the Link-S and have had good results, this is really disappointing.
By Darryle
I have tried removing and replacing close to a dozen times.

Their CS is almost non-existent, thru the app or on the phone, unless you want to upgrade to a top of the line model, they are all ears.
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By Gforce
It really don't mater how cheap the Spypoint's are if they are junk, they are junk to stay away from. My experience with Spypoint is you get less that what you pay for with a whole lot of frustration and little to no support.

So that's my 2 cents on the subject! :mrgreen:
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By bowmanmt
I bought 2 of the micro link, Verizon . So far I really like it, great nightime pics, daytime sort of has a heave green feel to it. I bought it for $106 OTD from academy sports. Now if I can learn how to share my pics that would be great.
By Paulsvolks75
Hey guys,
New to this forum. I found it by searching spypoint micro issues. After buying my camera yesterday and trying for 4 hours and not being able to get camera to link to app I decided to check the sim card number to the number that I scanned with my phone. IT WAS DIFFERENT!!!
after manually putting in the sim card number it linked up in just seconds. Thought this might help,I'm sure others are having this issue.
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