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By DoubleDropTine
So I have been getting lots of emails from Covert about doing a possible upgrade. I have a 2017 model in 3G. I basically just called to see how much they want for an upgrade only to find out that my camera is not going to work with their new system. They are going to want somewhere between $2-300 for the trade. I think that sucks because I paid full price for it to send pics as a wireless camera. If I would have been told they would discontinue the capabilities 2 seasons later, then I would have never bought it. Has anyone been able to still use there older 3G At&t camera in 2019? I was going to put mine back out in the woods tomorrow . Now I’m just :evil:
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By Carphunter
I took my old 2015 cams, pulled the att cards, signed up for covert's att plan and put in their cards and have all three running in the woods now.

i don't get the same functions as their newer cams.... and, it appears the remote control stuff is governed by whether the att equipment where you're using the cam allows it (in my doesn't work). But, mine are sending pics, i can use their portal, etc.
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By DoubleDropTine
Thank you for that. I did a little digging and I was told by Covert that the 3G will be no longer in my state of Indiana starting somewhere around January 2020. It should work up until then. If I want to do an upgrade now it will cost me $200.
By picdic
I had the same conversation with them. I had called, looking to buy a new regular covert t-cam, and asked about the "upgrade" to their newer cell-cam.
I guess it's pretty good of them to even offer it...….I guess. but, I ain't biting. I never would have invested that kind of money originally, on their cell-cam, if I knew it would only be good for a few years, and then need "upgraded". it was not a cheap investment in the first place, and add another $330 for the "upgrade" (i'm in Canada, that's what your $250 is for me), and that's just ridiculous, for ONE, single trailcam. no thanks.
I can go get another brand's latest cell-cam for $159, that's like $40 US.
so, this kinda put me off of covert. I was really happy with their products, but not investing any more of my $$. that cell-cam is now just a cam, and will probably just be a paperweight before long.
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By 27jr
Yeah, I’m keeping my AT&T 3G covert black ops and had my brother pay for the upgrades. 2017 was $100 and 2016 was 200. The 2015 is 240. I did that since he wants to get into cellular game cameras. I’m upgrading the 2015 for myself. I currently have the 3 3G AT&T CovertWireless operating and Bushnell 2016 3G AT&T wireless Aggressor and 2019 4G Verizon Impulse.
I never pay full price for the Coverts or Bushnell especially when buying them during the holidays.Bushnell Impulse paid 240 Covert 2017 320 all were new. Shop around you’d be surprised on the deals you can buy cellular cameras.
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By DoubleDropTine
Thanks. I will probably keep mine and use it as a regular cam. Buy another brand cheaper. I don’t even want to spend another $300 on a good deal. I used to do the upgrade when it was 25 and 50 dollars. 200-250 is quite a bit considering the price of other cell cams now days. I think Covert should give a bigger discount. Nobody wants to pay $400 for a camera that doesn’t have WiFi capability two or three years down the road.

Nice ones. Hope your ankles heals soon.

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