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By Deerhunter
I was trying to make the point my thumb nails aren't that clear. Is there a camera that works with Verizon that gives you a bigger thumb nail or is all of them the same.
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By Anthony
I would move the image quality discussion to the computer. Have him visit the spartancamera portal. Look at the uploaded photos on his computer screen which is much bigger and higher res than the phone's screen. Either these are acceptable or they are not.

If they are, then it may just be a matter of the phone's screen being very small and maybe not as crisp as a computer monitor.

Load the app on another mobile device and compare.

Additionally, pull the SD card and study the original photos on the computer.
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By LibbyLA
Snyper may, but I think your phone resolution and screen size are the problem. Maybe you can get Covert and Snyper users to send you some of their thumbnails. I don’t think Coverts send even the same size thumbnail as the Spartans and you pay extra for better quality. I’m not sure what the Snyper sizes are. I’m not sure that Snyper has a 4G Verizon but maybe they do. I only used a 3G AT&T one and that was a couple of years ago.

You’re not even happy with the full resolution Spartan photo, so I don’t know what a higher resolution thumbnail from a different brand is going to do to help.
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By LibbyLA

What Anthony said. You need to look at the thumbnails and original photos on a computer. That’s where you’ll be able to see the quality. I think you’re going to be unhappy with the quality on your phone no matter what since you aren’t happy with the full resolution (HD) pictures.
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By Anthony
I have found that when you crunch a 12MP image down to 640x no matter what you do, its not as satisfying as the larger resolution (1280x).

Shrinking the image this small just creates losses which results in graininess. the camera has no built-in "magic" wand.

also, if the sun shines on the plastic lens cover it can create a washed out look on most camera's photos.

Also, customers should understand that the camera is about compromises. It is a scouting tool. the original photos are on the SD card. the "shrunk" thumbnails are for scouting purposes and not meant to be a replacement for the original images on the SD card. A camera has a finite battery and attempts to conserve both battery and bandwidth.

My belief is that if you can successfully ID what is in the uploaded photo (thumbnail) then the camera has done its job. this assumes that the originals on the SD card are of acceptable quality. Priority is on fast action, battery and data conservation, functionality. We should understand that when the uploaded image is "shrunk" there is a reason for it and this does in fact reduce the clarity of the image. This is all about expectations in a battery powered cellular surveillance tool.
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By Anthony
Please download the uploaded thumbnails from the spartancamera portal onto your computer. then post them here in a message. this forum will allow photo attachments.

Avoid using screen shots for image quality discussions.

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