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By jlee208
My Scoutguard 580M using a T-mobile SIM card recently stopped sending messages. I tried updating the information but have had no luck transmitting images.
My old settings were
[MMS Setting]

My current T-Mobile settings are
[MMS Setting]

i keep getting a 3946 Net work busy error. Does anyone know what settings i need to transmit again?

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By April Lee
It's time to move on to 4G, as 2G service by T-mobile is also reduced: ... -in-the-us

SG580M is a 2G wireless camera. Since 2G service is becoming less reliable, you can still use the camera as a non-wireless camera (by storing the pictures in the SD card like other regular cameras): Putting only a SD card in the camera, but no SIM card. After proper settings and turn it on, it will behave like a regular, non-wireless camera.

That way, you can extend the life of you wireless camera a little longer.

The same method can be applied to (Boly's) 3G cameras. ATT is phasing out 3G service in 2022, and the'll stop sign up new 3G service from Feb. 2020. However, T-mobile has not announced dropout date for 3G yet. So if you have a 3G camera, you can switch to T-mobile's 3G services. In addition, T-mobile has a prepaid $10 monthly bill (2GB data) program, which has the lowest fee most suitable for game cameras, though this program does not allow 2-way communications (you can only receive data from camera, but you cannot send control message to camera).

But any way, because of the coming of 5G, 4G cameras are becoming affordable and the performance is really worth the try.
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