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By OutdoorBob
I just purchased my first cell camera, Spypoint Link-Dark. I purchased the cam a few weeks ago and I'm waiting to receive a replacement for it as the IR Flash did not work on the original camera. In my one week of testing that camera, it killed the 8 lithium batteries that I had placed in it. Of course I was doing a lot of walking in front of the camera testing it, but as we all know, those lithium batteries don't come cheap. These cams have the option of using lithium batteries, using a rechargeable lithium battery pack that can be purchased from Spypoint, or using a external SLA battery. I decided to go the external battery route to hopefully lower the cost of running the camera.

The battery, charger, cable was going to be $79.99 plus shipping. I have decided to buy and set up my own battery, cable, and charger combo. The battery was a 12 V 7ah battery. I know little to nothing about batteries, so here is my question. I found 2 12v 10ah SLA batteries for $33.98. With 2 of course I can swap the batteries out every 3 months or so, and with going with the 10ah version vs. the 7ah route I am hoping that there should be no problem for these lasting 3 or 4 months. I have my cameras in the woods year around and and will be transmitting the photos to my cell phone immediately which supposedly will drain the batteries quicker. My question is, will this work?

In case your wondering about the cost, I have found the 2 batteries for $33.98, rodent resistant battery cable for $!8, and a 6v/12v charger for $13.98 for a total cost of roughly $62 and that is with 2 SLA batteries whereas I would have only get 1 SLA battery if I go the $79.99 Spypoint route.
Does anybody have an ideal? It seems like this should work, but my knowledge of batteries and volts etc. are very limited.
What I’ve been using for externals are old car batteries with great luck. If you have access to one you may want to experiment this route. Sure their rather big to conceal, but even a weaker battery seems to have plenty of gusto to power a camera for months. Im even using my old 4 wheeler battery kept in a plastic ammo box for a camera I keep on video mode. That battery wouldn’t start my wheeler any more but has only needed one charge since April and as of yesterday the battery meter still shows 99 percent.

No camera should eat up a set of lithium’s in a week. They should be good for thousands of photos.
Thank you thank you thank you. I was being honest when I said I knew nothing about batteries. As long as it is 12v it should work is what I'm hearing you say, which is what I thought. I probably made the question seem a lot tougher than necessary. Thanks for the ideal about the other battery types. That makes a lot of sense and buying AA Lithium batteries at $17 per dozen gets expensive when your running several cameras year around in video mode. As always, you have a wealth of knowledge and once again have helped me.
You may have to pickup a few marine style battery terminals if using a car battery so the alligator clips have something smaller to clamp onto (the wing nut). Otherwise you can always use a normal battery terminal and slide a bare wire inside and clamp it down. I’ll take a few photos of what I’m using to cover my batteries.
I keep a car battery under this green recycling tub. There are already holes in the bottom (now top) for water to drain from. I just run a wire from a hole to the camera. There isnt a camera here now, I moved it for a week or so.
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I keep my 4 wheeler battery in this box strapped to the tree and just run the wire between the cover and box.
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