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By reaperman
It looks like he got hit low behind the shoulder into the lower belly region. And is this the same buck in the lower videos two days later?

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By Anthony
All I think I see is that his right forearm is swollen all the way to the knee. I see a darkness on his right lower chest behind the front leg. I also see some dark spots on his rump. On his side is looks like a line rather than a small circle so I think I agree that he was gored in a fight.

The limp must be from sore muscle tissue on or behind the right shoulder. his knee and ankle areas do not look swollen.

I can't tell if the dark areas are clotted blood or simply bad bruising. If he was skewered there by an arrow, I am thinking those are fatal areas like liver etc.

Or since all the dark areas are about the same height thus more horizontal, it could be the bumper of a vehicle hit him.

you should have been using a Ridgetec Lookout. :mrgreen:
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By Anthony
I zoomed in on the chest region to get a better look. Here is what I found there... there is definitely some redness and edema in those areas.
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By reaperman
Anthony wrote: Sun Nov 17, 2019 3:35 pm there is definitely some redness and edema in those areas.
My deer hunting partner is a doctor, after a day of hunting I like to put my dictionary away and visit this forum to communicate with "regular" guys. And now your pulling this "edema" stuff :)
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