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By Seba

Hawe somebody tested this camera? Is trigger time realy so quick like says? What is the time between camera take picture and send to phone?

I notice that somewhere in description says camera hawe GPS,and other side says dont hawe gps....

Thanx guys
By Seba
I hawe buy camera today.

Set it up,registration,green light good signal,camera takes pictures,but dont send it to app, in app last active camera,nothing.
By Seba
Camera defective. Must retudn it. And brand new.

This is funny, i see now the forums, and there are manny manny micros that dont work.

Thats just great
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By Anthony
What if there is no modem in the camera? and you bought a cheap camera with no modem.

I also researched some other forums. Everyone recommends that you perform a firmware update to the latest version.
By Seba
I updateted allready to latest firmware.

Its a 4G camera.

I see that many many this camera dont work.
People are werry unhappy with this camera.
I will return it.
By Seba
And what are you think here?
Should i doo the secound chance to the camera?

Or will bee always problems with this camera?
By Seba
So worth to try another?

Or will be problems with it?

What i read about camera rewiews...i dont know.

Work one month and then death,50% can not connect to internet.

I dont know what spypoint mean about that problems.
Becous that is not firmware problems.

Have somebody this camera here?
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