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By fr0sty
I didn't see any for sale here. Anyone know the ballpark price for a used hc600?
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By reaperman
I think you may have a hard time finding one. If someone has one that’s working well, they would most likely keep it.
By Coda1
Someone recently had 4 or 5 on ebay for $250 or best offer. All sold with an best offer fairly quickly. I would say about $250 or a little less if in good condition.
By Matches
I sold 10 of mine in the past few months. I replaced them with the new Hyperfire2. Jury is still out on whether I made the right choice.. There are a few things I like better about the Hc600's.
Most of mine went on eBay anywhere from $320 to $460. A couple sold on ArcheryTalk (no seller fees) for $275.

When I realized what I could get for the old cams (some of them were 8 years old), it seemed like a no-brainer. (We'll see)
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By fr0sty
Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm thinking about selling mine and am trying to figure out a price. Not 100% sure if I'm ready to get rid of it though.
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