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By doughboysigep
I have issues with my battery contacts getting rusty/corroded. It happens on various cameras, and not all the time. Is there a spray I can use to help minimize/eliminate that? Spray down at end of the season and maybe before they go back out? A dialectic grease, but in a spray(?). Any good way to clean rusty/corroded contacts???
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By Woody S
Not sure how to prevent corrosion on the contacts, but if you get corrosion here's how to clean the contacts -- Use an old toothbrush dipped in denatured alcohol and scrub the contacts; it may take a couple of tries if the corrosion is bad. In a pinch I've even used unscented alcohol-based hand sanitizer and it also worked.
By Tinhorn
get some "Anti-Oxidant Compound" (a black solve for aluminum electrical wire at Lowes or whatever) and put on the Batts and the connections using a Q-Tip. No more problems

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