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By Seba
I have just one question. Its worth to give a secound chance or not.
Do you thint that i am the only one with problems?? :lol:

Just get see reviews:)

By Seba

I recive new camera today.
This one works now.
Allready send to app 48 pictures.
The quality of pictures are good. There is option that camera can download a full resolution picture on your request. I did not try this yet. (5€ ) for 50. Hd pictures.

I hope it will work loooooong time now.
By Seba
No i cant:)

The Hd option is awailible when 30 days of free plan is ower.
I contact spypoint about that.

And on iphone dont work notification alerts.

There wile be great if app will have option to take photo on request. So the picture is only taken by motion. I tell spypoint if possible they can add this option.
By Seba
Use somebody here spypoint app with iphone 11 pro ios 13? Works notifications for spypoint app somebody?
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By bowmanmt
I have had 4 of the Verizon Micros, They have worked flawlessly for the whole season. CS sure does suck, but if you go onto Facebook Spypoint forum, guys like myself and others help you out. 99% of the issues are user error. Including me at first. Energizer Lithium are a must, they last at least 2 full months. A good San Disk sch 10 card. and I found as long as I have 1 bar I will get pictures. They say the CS has gotten better. but to be honest I have not needed them. Trigger was super quick, and the reach was unreal. Like I said I bought one, really put it through the ropes and now have 4, all Verizon. The cons are they dont take video. I pay $15 a month unlimited and cancel when ever my season ends or starts .
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By bowmanmt
one other thing, when you battery indicator say your at %80 then its done. You will see for a long time 100% then all of a sudden 90 then 80 then no more pics.
By Seba
I recive photos at battery at 2%.

Are somebody know if will be possible on link micro option to take photo on request?
By Steve G
I recently purchased one in febuary. Been testing it out in my back yard. the pics are only 10 mega pixels but for me it is enough to tell a buck or doe. It picked up the black cat in the backyard no problem. So far so good, I am going to put 12v battery with solar panel, should extend battery life.
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