Bolymedia (Bolyguard/Scoutguard) Camera Discussion
April, Historically we have urged manufacturers who are promoting new models to use the vendor promotion forums.

but since I am now also Ridgetec I have remained more open and try my best to be non hypocritical about blatant promotion.

I think its best that real users of your camera join and speak their own thoughts about your camera(s) rather than a company rep touting them.

Here at Chasingame we have quite a few real live users for our Ridgetec cameras so I am not the "only" source of data on the camera. I try my best not to promote but to contribute in the spirit that Chasingame was created under.

AS the owner of Ridgetec, I do not edit or interfere in the discussions by real users about other brands and try to help when I can. I do not believe you are a real camera user however. Please show us your personal cameras and your photos as a camera user. If you are in China well we don't get many pics of Shenzhen area historically ...
My last round of testing in 2017 of the Boly camera product line produced a mix bag of results. I wanted the cameras to perform well and shine but photo and video quality primarily suffered and was generall not well accepted.

I do hope the best for you and your newer cameras and hope that my testing over the years has provided you with valuable feedback beginning with the Scoutguard SG550 that we all loved here.

Thanks for your tolerance. My company's policy is not to pay for eulogized reviews. Therefore, we'll basically link independent reviews, and do some corrections so not to mislead the customers.

As for picture/video quality, we'd better let the true users to speak out. Once we find such posts, we'll link them here, per your permission. Acutally, on Youtube, there are a lot of posts.
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