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For Ridgetec Lookout specifically. I was thinking of making a special offer. If you show purchase of a Lookout Dual from TrailcamPro I will ship some accessories as a Christmas special, like Security box, etc at no charge as a way to say thank you from Chasingame.
I am happy to report that the initial shipment of cameras to Trailcampro are nearly sold. I have talked to several excited customers. We are happy to hear this. Trailcampro can provide good service to their customers.
It’s good to see they are selling well this time of year. Being a lot of camera users most likely stuff their cams in the closet til spring. But I suppose Santa ordered a few for those who have been good. Also ,TCP, hasn’t finished its review which I imagine will drive many sales.
It would be nice if they would post a video with a deer grunting to show how sensitive the microphone is. This year I was able to catch more videos with deer grunting than any other past season, not just bucks either. I dont think the deer's vocalization changed, rather the ability of the camera to pick it up.
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