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By mikeinkaty
Mine is not sending video but does send pics. Should it send video? Video is being put on the SD card which is 32 gig class 10.
By Matches
I think that you have to request the videos, similar to the way you would normally request an HD version of the photo.

I don't have any 4G Spartans, but a friend of mine does, and I know he definitely can get the videos sent to his phone...
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By Gforce
I know with the 3g cams you have to request the videos on the portal where you view the pictures. It will be down in the lower right hand side of the picture. You will get the video the next time the cam takes a picture. I have no idea about the 4g cams.
All of the Spartan cameras that send video are the same, you have two video options in the settings, photo+video and video. The video setting will send you every video. If set to photo + video then you get the picture and request only the videos that you want. You can request the videos through the app or the online portal. The 3g models with the exception of the ATTxb do not transmit video.
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By mikeinkaty
I am not using the app or the portal. Only SMS. IE *500# to request a pic. I can also tell it to take a video but it is not sent. It will be on the card though.
Videos are not sent to email or to text. You must use the app or check the online portal to receive/view them.
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By mikeinkaty
I’m not receiving any pics or vids at the portal. I do use the app to control the settings. I guess I need to renew something at the portal. ???
If you are receiving pics to the app then they should be on the portal. If you aren't receiving anything then first check your premium credits and data plan. Are you still getting the daily status report?
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By mikeinkaty
No daily status report via mms even tho I have it scheduled for 2pm each day. The app does show the daily status reports.

I’m really not interested in videos. Mms is fine for me. Or is it called SMS?? Never can get that acronym straight.
With the auto spam filters that the cell carriers have in place pictures and status reports to text (and emails) aren't going to be as reliable as using the app. Some people are having almost all the transmissions being blocked.
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By mikeinkaty
Johnny - I have not missed any pics with MMS using AT&T.

What is a good non-cell cam with red flash? With good quality pics and video. Need one here around the house when I’m gone for long periods
Mike, Spartan has their SR1 cameras which are basically the GoCams without the cellular. They are also coming out with a new line of non cellular. The cameras are palm sized, the first one will be a white flash and then a blackflash model to follow.
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