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A quote from the email from I just recieved:
Good morning! I've completed the Ridgetec Lookout Review. You can view it here: ... out-4g-lte

It is currently our highest rated cellular trail camera. Scored really well in pretty much every category with just a few things that were average. Overall, really good camera.
To our current customers, Field-Staff and future customers:

The camera review is now completed. Thanks to all early adopters and Ridgetec Field-Staff for ongoing testing and support.

I have lived with this camera now for 2 years, testing non-stop, watching all users' cameras for glitches, listened to customer feedback, using all my prior knowledge from Chasingame testing and done my best to make it the camera I would want and what our customers want.

Thanks to everyone for their support. We will be announcing a couple of new models soon. So check back for more details.

We won't stop improving and this is my promise. Ridgetec will continue to grow with your support
Also, everyone has probably noticed I did not do a Chasingame review on the Ridgetec Lookout since I am the manufacturer. I just felt like, although I would report it fairly, people may think negative of me for doing so. So I didn't.

I hope for customers and other organizations to do it for me this way it is unbiased (to whatever degree this is possible) :mrgreen:

Also notice that there are topics on Chasingame forum promoting competitive brands... what other manufacturer would allow those promoters full free speech or have the confidence to allow it? NONE but Ridgetec.

Despite Being involved in Ridgetec I still want Chasingame to be a free place to discuss all things trail camera related or hunting related without some butt censoring everything you type.
I didnt agree with the opening sentence in TCP's review: "The Ridgetec Lookout takes a bit of work to get set up". I cant imagine it being much easier and laid out as it was. I'd think anyone who buys any brand cell camera expects a setup process. And everyone who has a cell camera obviously has a cell phone. And setting up a new cell phone is royal pain and time consuming in comparison. I think it takes longer to setup a smart plug than it takes to setup the ridgetec.

Last year the thought crossed my mind that your still allowing other trail cameras to be promoted by chasingame. I'm pretty sure your logic is your not afraid of competition. More likely, chasingame was founded by reviewing cameras from every manufacturer. A place for users of all makes and models to have access to the knowledge base the website provides. Without that aspect, chasingame would be just another website selling their products.
Yes and Yes. I decided unlike every other vendor probably does is to avoid nitpicking the review. I know what its like when you publish a review then get this annoyed email from Stealth or Bushnell stating everything thats wrong about it.

Now If I made a mistake I have no issue but if I test trigger speed at 2 seconds after 20 consecutive tests and you tell me no its .5 I will just say sorry charlie...

And of course I still want Chasingame to be a fun place to hang out without all that stupid censorship. the topics about competing products now annoy me but I won't make a fool of myself and talk on them unless I am truly trying to help the camera owner. I want this forum to remain as it was. Free and open to all. I will promote Ridgetec though trust me.

I have no other income and i have a LOT invested now. I must ensure its future by working as hard and diligently as I can while professionally promoting it. I have worked on it for 3 years non-stop.

It looks like this year will be great for us.
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