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I would like to find out your opinion, for those who have used a commercial camera stand, what is the best and the pros and cons of using the commercial system vs a T-Post or any DIY solution.

Can someone please give me your thoughts on this?
The only one I've used was the Moultrie tripod that's no longer made. They had plastic pieces were you put stakes to anchor it and all the plastic pieces ended up breaking on the 3 I had. I've not seen any advantage to buying a commercial stand vs using some type of a post. I did make a nifty stand by using a disc for a base from an old finishing disc. I drilled a hole in a piece of land scaping timber and then drove it down onto the iron peg that sticks up from the disc. I then drilled small holes all over the timber and stuck artificial x-mas tree branches in the holes. I even drilled a hole on top of the timber to put the top of the x-mas tree in. Ended up with a small natural looking tree with a solid base that I drilled holes in for stakes. I think if someone sold a natural looking system like that vs sticking a stake in the ground that sticks out like a sore thumb it might sell.


Wide or tall?


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