Trail Camera Discussion of Manufactured Cameras.
If you thought running out of toilet paper was bad, well wait till there are no more trail cameras.

I just wanted to urge everyone not to panic. New supplies will be in as production kicks back in at the factories. In the mean time Ridgetec is doing what it can to offer quality support and quality cameras during this pandemic.

There are still quantities of Lookout Dual available and we are still shipping as both UPS and Fedex are continuing to work during these difficult times. We send a big thanks to these tireless freight carriers.

Warning Signs you may be low on cellular trail cameras:
  • Nervous in general
  • Fidgety most of the time
  • Pacing the floor wondering what is going on outside
  • Waking up refreshed because your phone has not sent a notification
  • Constantly fretting over not knowing the buck/doe ratios
  • Extreme worry over not knowing if anything is in your trap
  • Listless and wandering around outside, looking longingly at the forest
  • Staring out of the window for hours at a time in a near stupor
If you find you have one or more of these symptoms then another cellular camera may be the answer. The most important thing is not to panic instead call/text a friend and ask him to text you some photos from his camera. If all else fails, then you should order another camera. Once you get your new camera setup, get plenty of rest and drink plenty of the proper fluids.

We ask that readers reply with suggestions on proper fluid intake to include type and quantities.
I woke up this morning all sweaty and kept checking my cameras in the camera room. Am I going to be ok or do I need to go buy a new one or two or three camera's to be cured?? :mrgreen: :wink: :wink: I need to tell my wife right away I need a new camera :wink: :wink: :lol:
You might better allow our experts to speak with your wife while you you go lay down a bit. We can get the proper number of cameras sorted out for you and your wife will be OK with it. As soon as you get the tracking number you should begin to feel much better immediately. You can trust us. We care.

Also, once you re in a relaxed, reclining position, please intake one of the following refreshing treatments:
  • Miller
  • Coors
  • Budweiser
  • Yuengling
  • Your choice of corn or barley based distillate liquid
We find that 1 portion per hour is usually sufficient to reduce the symptoms you are experiencing, at least temporarily until your camera order arrives. You can trust us as our staff has nearly 100 years of combined experience in this area.
Now it's safe!

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