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By dbaxter
They are stepping all over the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth and Tenth Amendments. Tyranny is real. :shock:

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By reaperman
Just having to hear the constant “pandemic” rhetoric everywhere is what’s making me sick. Can’t the news channels go back to bashing Trump about Russia or whatever they falsely accuse him of doing. Too much doom and gloom is harming the economy as much as the virus. And the government is foolishly throwing money in all directions hoping something sticks. I have a friend who works for a local city. He and a lot of govt workers get an extra 2 weeks paid sick leave this year because of the virus. He’s not sick, if he were sick he said he already has over 700 hrs of sick leave banked up. Also everyone working at the city (and probably all govt workers) get a dollar/hr raise due to the virus. And he claims this raise is permanent. What does the virus have to do with their wage? Endless dollars thrown around sin hopes of buying votes. I wish this virus wouldn’t have happened in an election year.
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