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By james pearce
I use two trail cameras, one a Bushnell 119975C, DS CORE and the other a Brownings Extreme Spec Ops. I use them to help guard my aircraft hangar and been successful in the past helping to identify locals who have not got the same interests as me.

They are both very good cameras, amongst the best current technology but I have a huge criticism of the Bushnells with the limited ability to use an external power source.

The Brownings is simple, a regular 12 volt Common male DC power connector, easy, just add your high capacity car battery.

The Bushnells ! It has a 2 pin connector and although I successfully made a socket to fit it, supplying 9 Volts here will not allow the camera to function. It is used to connect a Solar Panel (Bushnells) and there is obviously a software handshake that prohibits any other source of power. I’m confused as to why an alternative external battery source cannot be implemented. Oh, could it be that they want to sell you something or am I just a cynic?

So, accepting a challenge, I simply made a blank copy of the battery tray, fitted two terminals to match the original and inserted a DC socket. Of course, I have had to modify the 12 volt output from the battery using a 12v to 9v convertor but it works just fine. I’d be happy to upload an image if there is any interest. Cheers, James.
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By Anthony
yes plz supply images (you can upload directly here on your post) for any modifications like this.

I too had those two prong connectors and thought yea they are just trying to make me buy something else.
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By james pearce
Hi Anthony. See my battery tray clone to enable external power to the 119975C. Note that the 12 v to 9 v step down and the polarity is vital. To retain the tray in place against the weather seal around the opening, I have a tiny 2mm screw through the back of the casing that minimally penetrates the material I fabricated the tray from. I can confirm that it works brilliantly, Cheers, James.
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