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I'm still unclear on the relationship between internal camera batteries (e.g. Energizer Ultimate Lithiums) and external power (12 volt battery). If both are present, which does the camera draw from when it is turned on? Is there some point at which it switches from one to the other? Thanks Bob.
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By reaperman
From what I understand, once a ext cable is plugged in, the camera draws power from that source. If the ext source runs low, the AA’s kick in.
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By Anthony
There is a circuit on the camera main board that will measure the voltage of the internal vs the external and always switch to that of the higher voltage.

Because of the nature of Energizer Lithiums, many manufacturers do not recommend putting them in the cmaera while an external power source is also connected. It will create an issue where the Lithium are fully drained but can show high voltage and cause the circuit to select the AA tray rather than the external.

I have also seen this on the Lookout cameras as well.

My preference is to leave out the AA and run with external. if you do need to have AA in the camera as a back up, then I would get a set of rechargeable AA that use NiMH for example.
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