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By Mac-
I have a new BTC-5HDX that works well with AA batteries.

When I connect the 12VSLA, with the AAs, the camera readout say the External battery is connected. I believe the camera is operating with just the AA power in this configuration as it drains them to 1 volt fairly quickly.

When I connect the 12V SLA without the AA the camera will not start.

The SLA is charged, I'm connecting with a Stealth Cam cable, and the voltage measures OK at the barrel connector. Center connector is positive.

Would appreciate any ideas
I would suspect the cable to start with. Make sure you have a compatible plug first. Verify that the external pport on the the camera is 12v not 6v.

In the documentation, does it say you need to leave AA in the camera when an external is used? (that does not sound right to me))
Thanks for the reply Anthony

The cable is a Stealth Cam 10 ft with a 5.5mm barrel connector. Positive is marked and is the inside hole of the connector.

The camera operates with 6 AA batteries.

The packaging and the cover for the external power port on the camera both say 12 Volt.
So , I'm guessing , they cut it down to 9V internally.

I did find this online. "The Browning Trail Camera Power Pack is the only approved external power source that should be used in conjunction with your trail cameras 12v DC input. When using the Browning Trail Camera Power Pack batteries should be installed in both the trail camera and the power pack."

The Browning power pack is 8 AA batteries.

I'm not sure what to do from here.
It is under warranty.
I have 4 BTC 5HDX and 2 of the 4 would not power with external solar power (Moultrie panels). Sent the 2 that wouldn't work with the power panels back. Received 2 new replacements and they work fine with the panels. That's what I don't like about Browning. Its a crap shoot if they work the same right out of the box each time. Don't get me wrong .I like these little cameras , I have 8 of them all together.
Browning now offers their own solar panels, they include 6 rechargeable batteries.
first Browning Customer service update

He ( very grudgingly )agreed to return camera. Said I might have cooked circuit with too large a battery.
Said not to use more than 9 amp battery. ( I'm guessing he meant 9 amp hr. mine is 12 amp hr )
Also said they would only test it with Browning external battery pack.
I said nothing in the instruction manual about that. No reply
He also said they would probably just return the same camera to me.

Its going in the mail today
I’m no electrician, but I’ve used a car battery on many of my cameras without any issues. A quick google search says a car battery is approx 45 amp hrs. Although I have 2 browning cams, I’ve never used a ext battery on either. I feel their battery life with AA’s is very good.
Plz don't destroy your camera but in my opinion I could hook a 12v battery the size of a dump truck to my camera. as long as it is 12v the camera will pull the current it needs to operate.

I feel there was a defect and they can use this to put blame elsewhere.

Keep in mind that a sealed lead acid fully charged will produce more than 12v, possibly into the 13 range.
I hooked the new camera up to a 9 amp/hr SLA and left it outside while I went on vacation

Came back to 145, 10 second, high quality videos. No problems at all.

It looks like my experience is the same as talks2elk.

Send it back for a replacement and hope.
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