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By Mike8623
OK folks I live in Montana, the wild part, very remote. I currently have the old Buckeye RC5000s and orions. It seems Buckeye just doesn't want to do anything unless you buy their very latest product. The management and employees just do not want anything to do with the old rc5000s and I assume the orions will be next as they head on to their next new item, so I am looking ahead to a new camera system.

I'm looking for a weatherproof camera that can be left out all year long and still perform. I would like both electric and battery powered so I could put some up at my house as well as some locations far away with electric access. I guess cellular would be best although I do not have cellular access at a lot of places on my property. I'm mainly interested in Pictures versus video and something dependable and controllable from my computer. If I have a problem I sure would like to be able to get ahold of someone who will help and not tell me to go away basically. What do you folks think......a security camera type system or just what. I would like to get value for my dollar and something that will laaaaast! Is it best to spend some good money on a good product or spend a little on a performing but small life product and just replace it ever so often. then what about wifi versus IR versus cellular or just what is out there

All help is appreciated as I start my search.
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By Anthony

Our Ridgetec Lookout Dual 4G LTE camera is a cellular camera that uses black flash (940nm invisible). It supports both AT&T and Verizon in one camera. As you move cameras around or deploy them you can select the carrier that gives you the best signal in that area.

It runs on 12 AA but also supports an external power connection at 12 volts. Ridgetec carries a solar power kit which includes a powerful 10W panel, ip67 case that holds both battery and solar controller. You supply the Sealed Lead Acid battery. The kit is held by a steel hanger bracket suitable for trees, walls, poles, etc.

All my cameras running on our solar kits run year round showing 100% battery. The camera itself is very power efficient and will provide almost double the battery life of competitors cameras when used in an equivalent manner.

The camera ships with both an AT&T and a Verizon sim. You use the Ridgetec portal to activate your sim and get your camera online in a few quick and easy steps (under 5 minutes). There is a mobile app for both Android and iOS where you can completely control all aspects of the camera.

There is no need to visit the camera other than to swap out SD card. Or you can remotely erase the SD card.

The feedback we are getting from customers is excellent. This is a system that does what it says it does. It is reliable and consistent.

Our Corporate site: ... okout-dual review: ... 4555098200 top 5 cellular cameras for 2020:

our demo account url: ... hFY9YbCrwA
I'm new to the cell camera world and I did alot of research to the point I couldn't absorb anymore information, it came down to two and I decided on the RIGDETEC LOOKOUT DUEL......The camera is amazing as well as customer service, Anthony is a stand up professional, has helped me out in alot of ways and has answered my questions quickly and honestly
I know what you mean abut brain dead. There is just so much to read out there and anymore just because you read it doesn't mean it is true. I am 70 years old and I have been up and down a pine tree this morning trying to get a signal for my buckeye. I am just too old to be climbing pine trees, I'm cut and scratched up 6 ways from Sunday from that danged old tree. I've put an antenna on a long metal pole and have been trying to shove it up that tree to get more height for the signal. The pole is about 30 fee tall and at my age that thing is heavy. My property is pretty thick and getting thicker all the time. Getting a signal is harder and harder and the signal has to go to the pc base into the computer and then emailed to my account after that. So I've got two window 7 computers in my garage. One that gets the orions signals and one that gets the old rc5000 signals because they both won't work on the same computer and then you can't get any service on windows 7 anymore and on and on and on. Buckeye won't even talk to you anymore on the rc5000s and they really don't want to talk to you about the orions. they just keep moving on to new things and the heck with their older stuff. I've about had it.....anyway I guess I've went on enough...................I've also been putting on an addition to my bluing room for color case hardening and cold rust bluing then in August I'm going to tackle putting together a set of tracks for my snowcat and getting them to work right.....Just can't rely on getting the road plowed where I live even when you pay to have it done.
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By Anthony
Ridgetec imposes MAP (min advertised price). All dealers should advertise the same price.

On our next batch of Solar kits we have increased the camera cable to 12 feet. We will offer 12 foot extensions as well for around $11 range.

We are still waiting on solar panels.
Bought one of the Ridgetecs and received it. Will head on over to Helena tomorrow and buy some batteries and an SD card. We'll see how it works. If all goes well I'll buy a few more and also retire my Buckeyes.

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